VMWorld 2013 recap – lol edition

VMWorld 2013  was jam packed with activity, info, etc.  I thought I’d provide highlight of the top funny moments of this years event:

IMG_2207vmunderground – Troyer was not having a seizure here. lol


What’s in a name badge – forget #, @, or any conference badge… Nice! lol


Got bunnied – Not sure if you’ve ever had that experience but let’s say I rocked an offset to McCory’s off camera shtick. Thanks Amy (@commsninja). lol


Chad trying to explain how not to bork a dodgeball? Chad is always a great character…  lol


vTexan Tommy Trogden photo bombing us (just like th squirl photobomb)…. lol


Keynote stage reminded some of us of a game show.  I’ll take upper right hand quadrant for $200.  lol


Troyer visibly upset the Geek’s weren’t whispering 🙂  lol


Killer VDI Debate with a superb panel of experts….


…..with some audience member that arguably are bigger experts. Hello Brian Madden (BriForum), hello Scott Davis (CTO of EUC, vmware).  lol


My point… afterwards the debate extended back into those 2.  lol  (outstanding chat)


CTO working a camera for PaaS (Pictures as a Service)… $20 says they had no idea who he was.  lol


World’s tallest vmware user… Someone mentioned @andybanta as being as tall. Not. Close.  Also forget Imagine Dragons, imagine a walking cast at vmworld… not lol.


Post concert – clients jumped into party bus with other.  Always. Follow. Client.  Seriously a bus with a stipper pole…  Client rocking out with smiles.  Drop me off at vStogies please.  lol


Said client with my SDDC TIG shirt….  lol. Rock on bro.


WTH?  I never even visited their booth. Cool. Creepy.  lol


  • Love vmware trying to cozy up to OpenStack by spelling it with 2 words. Anyone in that community catch that pretty quickly. It’s like capitalizing the “w” in vmware.
  • Someone tweeted out a comparison of Nutanix vs. VSAN. I’m a huge Nutanix fan but really? Picking on beta software?  lol
  • Loved watching a new [employee] at his companies 1st conference falling asleep during keynote.  L.O.L.!

Jump in and provide you’re favor funny moments of VMWorld 2013.

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