End of the Windows era?

At VMware Partner Exchange Keynote Paul Maritz stated we are witnessing the end of the Windows era.  Wow!  I love the boldness and if that becomes true would reshape IT and end user computing as we know it.  I get his agenda; VMware is working to move/shape the industry with Zimbra, Cloud, Spring, and other evangelizing positions.  I’ve been in IT for 15 years going back to the modern birth of Windows Server (3.51).  May times people have tried to make bold statements about the death of the mainframe, tape, and other things.  I throw this out as a question as a forum;

Are we at the end of the era of Windows?

Arguments and elements for the end of Windows:

Arguments and elements against the end of Windows:

  • Way too many Windows users around the world (think about your relatives)
  • No one has been right when they make bold predictions like that
  • VDI may actually extend the usefulness of Windows
  • Windows is transforming and it’s too hard to predict what they become (MS isn’t asleep!)

I personally fall believe we are NOT witnessing the “end of the era” even though I’m a fan of the new devices, Mac, and emerging alternatives like Zimbra.  Let me know your view and links to sites with good info!

4 thoughts on “End of the Windows era?

  1. Keith, I think it depends on how you interpret Maritz’ statement of it being a “post-Windows era.” Does this mean the end of the supremacy of Windows? That’s a fair statement, given the rise of non-traditional computing devices and their associated environments (think iOS and Android), the increasing popularity of the Mac, and the accelerating pace to make everything available from “the cloud.”

    Or do you take it to mean the death of Windows? That statement is one with which I would not agree. Windows has too much momentum to simply fall over, and—as you point out—Microsoft isn’t asleep. Behind the curve a bit, perhaps, but not asleep.

    Like it or not, Windows is likely to be part of our computing landscape for quite some time yet. It may not be the dominant force, but still a significant presence that cannot be just ignored.

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  3. They have been trying to compete in the slate market for almost 10 years now and their nability to compete with Android and iOS will have a massive impact on Windows marketshare.

    From there is downhill, as developers start making more money on Android and iOS those ecosystems will only rise in strength which will bring more people like a snowball.

    If they aren’t asleep they are just plain incompetent.

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