VMware acronyms, terms

VMware terms and acronym index:

vSphere based
• ESXi Elastic Sky X Integrated
• DPM Distributed Power Management
• DRS Distributed Resources Scheduler
• FT Fault Tolerance
• HA High Availability
• HCL Hardware Compatibility List
• SM Service Manager
• SMP Symmetrical Multi Processing
• VM Virtual Machine
• VUM vCenter Update Manager

• VMFS Virtual Machine File System (traditional storage virtualization that created IO blender)
• VR vSphere Replication
• SDRS Storage Distributed Resource Scheduling
• SIOC Storage I/O Control
• VVols VMware Virtual Volumes
• SPBM Storage Policy Based Management
• SIOC Storage IO Controls
• VAAI vSphere API for Array Integration
• VASA vSphere
• SR-IOV Single Root I/O Virtualization
• VDAP vSphere Data Protection API’s
• vSAN VMware’s Virtual SAN built on vSphere 6.x. This software defined storage
option from VMware comes integrated to vSphere (in kernel) and is considered a hyper
converged infrastructure (HCI) solution
• SRM Site Recovery Manager

Management, Orchestration, and Automation
• VCP vCenter Plug-in. This is the central VM administrators console to build
virtual infrastructure
• vRA vRealize Automation.
• vRO vRealize Orchestration
• vROPS vRealize Operations Manager
• SRM Site Recovery Manager
• vRealize The product name for VMware’s Cloud Management
• VCM vCenter Configuration Manager
• VCO vCenter Orchestrator
• VCOPS vCenter Operations
• VCLI vSphere Command Line Interface
• VIM Virtual Infrastructure Management

End User Computing (EUC)
• VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
• EUC End User Computing
• App Volumes The virtualization of end user apps
• DaaS Desktop as a Service
• BYOD Bring Your Own Device
• Horizon View VMware’s software for virtual desktops
• Horizon Suite VMware’s End User Computing software suite

• NSX VMware’s network virtualization platform
• VXLAN Virtual Extensible Local Area Network
• DVS Distributed Virtual Switch
• NETIOC Network I/O Control
• NIOC Network I/O Control
• VDS vNetwork Distributed Switch
• VCD vCloud Director

• DBaaS Database as a Service
• IaaS Infrastructure as a Service
• P2V Physical to Virtual
• PaaS Platform as a Service
• SaaS Software as a Service
• SDDC Software Defined Data Center
• VDC Virtual Data Center

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