Solid Updates by VMware at PEX 2015

A highlight of VMware’s Newest Updates from Partner Exchange 2015

On Monday February 2 VMware announced the release of several new updates and new offers. I previously blogged a bit about this titled: vSphere 6 Storage – The Future of Storage At-Scale. Here’s a few of the highlights to be aware of and how SolidFire integrates to advance the Next Generation Data Center. 

  • vSphere 6 – The news here is that there are lot of new capabilities to support a wider range of applications (bigger apps, SAP Hana, Hadoop and cloud native apps in containers).  Also highlighted are new ways to keep apps available (VMFT via 4 CPU), vMotion across vCenters for larger scale, and rapid cloning (a.k.a. Fork).  SolidFire builds on these new vSphere capabilities combining with SolidFire’s VMware Solutions for a new range of scale for Enterprise and Service Providers. You’ll hear more about this from SolidFire in the near future.
  • Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) – Here’s the real story in vSphere 6. VVOLs is part of this release and will be delivered incrementally with increasing capabilities. VVOLs was demonstrated to deliver greater scale and automation with controls to help VMware environments become more efficient and agile.  At PEX, SolidFire showed a tech preview of our VVOLs, which exposed industry unique capabilities.
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) – This brings instant integration of VMware Infrastructures for OpenStack to leverage. In this round, everything connects through specific drivers, but in the future you might see vRealize offer more automation and management integration independent of today’s paths.
  • End User Computing (EUC) – VMware continues to build off a strong end user computing platform. In fact, vSphere 6 improvements to vGPU performance are directly aimed at “Visually Intensive Workloads” like VDI.  Horizon View (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) have been the foundation for EUC.  SolidFire has reference architectures for both View and DaaS to blueprint your building. VMware is now pushing towards Workspace Services targeted to Identity, Catalog, Gateway end users to desktops, files, and apps.  New at PEX is the acquisition of Immidio (interesting article here) which bolsters their profile management with the targeted future of “just in time desktops” built at login with profile intelligence to add your files, customizations, etc. at login.

As you can see there are many new ways to engage VMware and SolidFire for the industries best combination of At-Scale, Enterprise and Service Provider solutions to help organization consolidate, automate and scale with guaranteed performance for all VM’s and their workloads.

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