Demo; New Microsoft Surface Tablet & Windows 8 RT!

One of the real fun things I get to do within the @NexusStratos End User Computing Practice is check out some of the latest devices.  Let’s face it; devices are where it’s at.  Devices, like the new Microsoft Surface tablet, really run the end users.  While I don’t believe we’re beginning the “post-iPad era” I do believe we need to pay attention to how the end users are consuming and voting with purchases and with company po’s.

We had a cool event, “Zombie PC”, to drive home the message that Windows XP is a dead platform for PC and organization need to move on.  We hosted the event at the Microsoft store in the Mall of America so I capitalized on the opportunity to get everyone a nice quick demo.

With that here’s a cool little run through of the new Microsoft Surface tablet and the Windows 8 RT OS;

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