VMworld Highlight; DynamicOps

DynamicOps is a company vmware acquired previously for multi-tenant, multi-hypervisor cloud orchestration.  My 1st stop once the keynote completed and the Solutions Exchange floor opened up was to seek these folks out.  Their software was both straightforward and powerful.  I’ve also got an additional YouTube video from DynamicOps as my video was a bit out of focus from time to time (hey it was the 1st video I shot at vmworld).

Additional video from their corporate YouTube.  They’ll expand into their MVC architecture and a few deeper examples.

One thought on “VMworld Highlight; DynamicOps

  1. Dynamic Ops with right stack of infrastructure is quickest and easiest way to setup private/hybrid cloud. Create multiple offering from private and public, VMware or Microsoft. This is tool to use make the cloud work in your company.

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