VMWorld 2013 – Nutanix update

No one needs to intro these guys.  They have taken over the “truely” converged space.  Nutanix was a highlight last year with Jason Langone @langonej.  Jason kills it!  Brad also kills it and Nutanix had an unbelievable table to highlight their solution and functionality.  Check it out.

VMWorld 2013 – Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software has been an innovator and pioneer in end user computing.  Frankly a bunch of us in the solution provider space have utilized their tools as part of our assessment processes.  Clients love their software and they had something that will blow you away at VMWorld 2013; a true DaaS tool!

VMWorld 2013 recap – lol edition

VMWorld 2013  was jam packed with activity, info, etc.  I thought I’d provide highlight of the top funny moments of this years event: vmunderground – Troyer was not having a seizure here. lol What’s in a name badge – forget #, @, or any conference badge… Nice! lol Got bunnied – Not sure if you’ve…